Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer

When the decision has been made that you and your partner are ending your marriage, it can be one of the most difficult times in your life. You were not expecting this to happen, and not all divorces are mutual. There are times that a divorce is a complete blindside which can make the situation even worse for you. Your emotions and tensions are running high in divorce cases, and you really need a good lawyer on your side. The lawyers at Land Legal Group, APC a family law firm based in Los Angeles, have countless years of experience in handling divorce cases. They handle each case with compassion toward their clients, as well as vigor in the court room. They want to help you get the best possible results while respecting that this is a challenging time for you.


A good Los Angeles divorce lawyer from Land Legal Group, APC knows how to take on a divorce case even if alimony, child custody, and child support are needed to be determined in the divorce. You want a good lawyer to help you through this. Many spouses try to take advantage of the other and you need a lawyer who is going to stand up for your rights and make sure that you are not paying or giving up more than you need to. In Los Angeles divorces, sadly, happen a lot. But that does not mean that divorces are a quicker and easier process here, they will still take a minimum of six months to be finalized, and often times divorces can take up to a year.

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