Woodlands Child Custody Lawyer

Getting a good family lawyer is essential. You can hire a top class Woodlands child custody lawyer to help you get the visitation rights to your child. Stepp & Sullivan, P.C have the necessary experience to really handle your child custody case. Many times in child custody cases do the parents try to use their children as pons, or bad mouth the other parent in order to get more custody. Stepp & Sullivan, P.C a family law firm in Woodlands, knows that that will not help your case. The judge is only trying to make a decision that will benefit the child. It doesn’t matter if your ex was a horrible partner to you, it doesn’t mean they are automatically a bad parent. Which is why full custody is rarely granted. If sole custody is what you are after you are going to need a strong attorney as well as some concrete evidence that the other parent really is not eligible to take care of a child.


If you really want to have the best possible child custody lawyer Woodlands, you will need to hire that lawyer from, Stepp & Sullivan, P.C. Their experience in undeniable. They are helping people all across the Houston and Woodlands areas to get the best results in their family law cases. To help yourself, it is best to call the Woodlands family law firm, Stepp & Sullivan, P.C. They are a law firm that cares about who you and your family will be after your case is finished. They understand that this is a very difficult time for you and your children. Let Stepp & Sullivan, P.C help make this process easier and less stressful and have them handle your child custody case.

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