Get professional legal representation for your car accident case in Los Angeles, CA.

Personal injury law in Los Angeles, CA provides that an injured person can seek fair compensation for psychological or physical suffering caused by another person. You can be awarded damages if there is evidence that the other person was negligent or if the auto accident was intentional. Based on strict liability law, you can also claim compensation if the other party simply conducted themselves in a certain way even if such conduct does not amount to negligence.

At Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP, every injured driver is offered the legal representation their case requires to ensure the violator is held accountable for their actions and damages are paid for the pain and suffering caused. The lawyer will review each client’s car accident case and find evidence that puts responsibility on negligent drivers. The attorney will also consider the extent of injuries the client has suffered in the determination of the damages the negligent driver will have to pay. Your lawyer will put in the aggressiveness, skills and time the trial requires to ensure you get compensation for the pain, medical cost and loss of income.

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