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Wrongful Death Cases in Los Angeles, California

A wrongful death is when a person dies because of a negligent party or person. Domestic partners, relatives and people who depend upon the victim can sue. Usually wrongful death is emotional cases that are connected with personal injury.

There is a time limit when it comes to filing a lawsuit for wrongful death in California. There is a 2 years limitation in filing an incident or accident causing a wrongful death. If after 2 years you haven’t filed, you will not be able to sue.

Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP will be able to help you with cases against governmental entity. There is rule where the claim should be made within 6 months. If the claim was rejected, another 6 months is given to sue.

If you win, you can get financial support from the person who caused the Wrongful Death. Also, the gifts and benefits loss will be received. It means that the cost of the benefits or gifts that the person who lost someone should be compensated.


Truck Accident Attorney in Oregon

To ensure users safety, trucks should be adequately maintained and operated by only trained and competent drivers. When the trucking companies and truck drivers are negligent in their operations, the results can be fatal. If you have lost you loved one or you have incurred injuries associated with unsafe driving or poor maintained truck, you are entitled to file truck accident lawsuit with Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys LLP.

Our firm specializes in personal injury and we have helped many of our clients acquire fair compensation. Our attorney has extensive knowledge in Portland truck accident lawsuits involving wrongful death and catastrophic injury such as spinal cord injuries, back injuries, head trauma, neurological disorders and even amputation.

To secure evidences, it is very important to file a lawsuit ASAP. Our attorney will move swiftly to gather evidences and also work closely with other experts to find the cause of accident. He will work to ensure you get compensation for wrongful death and injuries sustained during the accident.