A Special Needs Planning Attorney in Mooresville


At Daly Mills Estate Planning an estate planning law firm in Mooresville, they understand the importance of planning for the future care and security of a special needs family member. Their Mooresville special needs planning lawyers are experienced in helping families make decisions around financing support, guardianship arrangements, and other issues concerning long-term care. They work with clients to create a comprehensive estate plan that outlines how the special needs family member will be taken care of, ensuring their financial stability and emotional well-being. Their attorneys are knowledgeable about laws, regulations, and programs related to special needs planning and can provide guidance on choosing the best options for your family.


They understand that a decision involving the future of a loved one is not easy and they strive to provide a supportive and comforting environment while you navigate the legal process. They are committed to helping families plan for their loved one's future with compassion and dedication. You can rest assured that your special needs family member will be taken care of with the best possible options available when you work with Daly Mills Estate Planning in Mooresville.


Their attorneys specialize in the following areas of special needs planning:

– Special Needs Trusts

– Guardianship arrangements

– Financing support for the special needs individual

– Medicaid/Medicare Planning

– Social Security Benefits and Programs

– Government Benefit Eligibility


The Mooresville special needs planning attorneys at Daly Mills Estate Planning are experienced in providing legal guidance in all of these areas and can help ensure your special needs family member's future is secure. They understand that this is an emotional process and strive to make it as stress-free as possible, so you never have to worry about their wellbeing or financial security.

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